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Morocco is a gateway to Africa. It is a meeting point for civilizations and continents, situated on the northwest tip of Africa, and is a melting pot where different nationalities coexist with one another in serenity and peace.

Morocco is the most westerly of the North African countries, collectively known as the Maghreb. No-one can deny the geographical diversity and richness of Morocco, a country that mesmerises the whole world. The captivating charm of the Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines, the vast mountainous forests, and the glittering Sahara give Morocco unique characters. Morocco, With its vibrant colours, the cacophony of sounds, blistering sun, Sahara Desert, the smells of the spice markets, and thousands of exotic sights, Morocco is truly an awe-inspiring place to visit. This unique North African country combines a stunning natural landscape with distinctive architecture, a rich culture, a rich history and famously welcoming locals. It’s no wonder that Morocco desert tours are such a popular holiday option.

distinct areas of Morocco make for differing climates across the country so that it is a good destination all year round. The shining sun labels the weather of Morocco and beautifies and lightens the majestic Moroccan landscape.

The fabulous popular culture of Morocco is well demonstrated in the numerous different art and music festivals that are held throughout the year. Celebrations and events pepper the Moroccan calendar and add a new dimension to the daily life of any visitor.

Morocco is the most diversified country in Africa and this diversity touches not only the culture but also the roots, religions and languages which together create an ambience that allows foreigners to feel at ease and that Morocco is their second home.

Hospitality and tolerance are emblems of Morocco which illuminate the reception of foreigners and visitors, leading them to integrate smoothly in the magical Moroccan atmosphere.

Casablanca, Rabat, Tangier and Marrakech are the most diverse cities in Morocco and are greatly enriched by a historical background exhibited in countless museums, galleries and monuments. This preserves the cultural heritage of Morocco and mirrors its modern face. The outstanding high-tech malls and amenities of these cities also mark Morocco as one of the most attractive destinations for investment.

The Imperial Cities

Marrakesh, Fez, Rabat and Meknes have all, at some point in history, been the capital of Morocco. These cities have palaces, churches, mosques and museums that provide a glimpse into Morocco’s history. The medinas in these cities can be crowded and confusing and many people hire a tour guide to ensure they hit the highlights without being overwhelmed by the vendors selling goods.

The Desert

South of the Anti-Atlas Mountains is the Sahara Desert where you can also take a camel tour, which is best explored via a 4×4 tour or camel ride. The quad tours quickly take you over the sandy roads through the desert villages while the slower, more leisurely camel ride allows you to appreciate the details of the desert. If you choose to camp in the desert, expect to fall asleep below an expansive starry sky and wake up to a stunning desert sunrise.

Amazing Cuisine

Moroccan cuisine is renowned internationally for its outstanding flavour and originality.  Herbs and spices greet you at every corner as you wander through souks, and the smells are sure to get your mouth watering long before dinner hits. Food is fresh and caters to whatever is offered locally. In cities along the shore like Asilah you can expect to find varieties of seafood, and in big hubs like Marrakech or Rabat, you’ll see both traditional modern dishes and fusions with international cuisine.

Discover the Souks and Shop

Marrakech, Fez, Casablanca and Tangier are the country’s most popular places to shop. The souks are stacked with ceramics, leather goods, baskets, carpets and jewellery.  Bargaining with the shop owner or artisan is both expected and accepted in Morocco.

The History

Morocco’s history encompasses influences from the Berbers, the Roman Empire and the French and Spanish settlers who tried to claim the country as their own. As you move from city to city and region to region, you will be able to see the influences all of these people have had on Morocco.

The Riads

are traditional Moroccan houses that often are turned into small hotels. Feeling cozy behind the thick walls of your guesthouse after wandering on the small narrow streets of the medina will be your time for indulging in all things Morocco has to offer – good food, excellent service and magical environment.


Walking in the medina can be really challenging for a woman. But the feeling of treasure hunting makes you feel excited in front of all these colourful babush slippers, spices, jewellery pieces, leather bags, tasty food and freshly baked bread. There are hundreds of items that you can choose from, many of them handmade...

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